Children’s Shoe Guidance: Nearly 30% Of Kids Are Wearing Shoes That Are Completely The Wrong Size

More than a quarter of British children are wearing shoes that could be damaging their feet, a study has found. 

And nearly 30% of kids are wearing shoes that are completely the wrong size.

The survey of 2,000 parents, by The College of Podiatry, also found 55% suffer blisters, bruises and calluses from unsuitable shoes. 

“It is worrying that so many children are wearing shoes which either don’t fit them properly or are not suitable for everyday wear,” said Dr Stewart Morrison, a podiatrist from The College of Podiatry and The University of Brighton.

“Wearing the wrong size or type of shoe in the short term causes blisters, rubbing, bruising and calluses, but in the long term it could affect foot development and result in musculoskeletal issues in the future.” 

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The survey showed 56% of parents have bought their children shoes without having their feet measured. 

More than a third (38%) of parents also said they hand down shoes to younger children without being sure they fit properly. 

Girls were found to be at the greatest risk of long-term damage to their feet.

Nearly a quarter of parents (22%) said they felt pressure to buy their daughters “fashionable” shoes such as ballet pumps, flip flops and high heels.

The researchers found almost one in ten young girls wear shoes with a heel of 2cm or higher and, on average, they wear these types of shoes as young as six years old.  

Dr Morrison said: “Children’s feet are still growing and are more susceptible to damage than adult feet, so it’s really vital to ensure they are wearing shoes which fit them well – in width as well as length – and that are suitable for age, as well as the task they are wearing them for.

“Children often won’t say if their shoes are too tight or are hurting, which is why it is important that we raise more attention about children’s foot health and encourage parents to check their children’s feet regularly.”

The College of Podiatry recommends parents have their children’s feet measured and their everyday shoes fitted by a professional.

Young children (aged one to three) should have their feet measured approximately every eight weeks, and older children, every three to four months.

If you are concerned about your child’s walking or feet, see a HCPC-registered podiatrist, GP or health visitor for advice. Visit for more information and to find a registered HCPC podiatrist near you.

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